Saturday, December 28, 2013

Why You Should Carry Other People's Business Cards With You

If you are in business, you understand all the reasons why it is wise to carry your business cards with you everywhere. After all, you never know who you will meet, and when you meet people, you never know who that person is or who that person might know. With a healthy stack of business cards in your pocket or pocketbook, you are always ready to pass the card along to someone who might become a future client or customer. But while just about every businessman and businesswoman understands the how and the why of carrying around their own business cards, few of them ever consider the wisdom of carrying around someone else's business cards as well. The practice of carrying around business cards that belong to others can be extremely beneficial; here are a couple reasons why.

When you are dealing in business, conversations with strangers are golden. Any opportunity you have to talk to someone you do not know might just be the opportunity you have been waiting for. But if a stranger thinks that you are starting a conversation with them strictly to sell them something, they are likely to be turned off. People are protective of their money, and they don't want you to squeeze some out of them just because they were friendly to you! But if you are equipped with others' business cards, you have a full arsenal of safe conversation starters. Say you overhear someone in a restaurant talking about how they need a plumber. With your favorite plumber's business card stashed away in your wallet, you are ready to jump into the conversation. "Excuse me, but I heard you say you need a plumber; here, take this business card - it's for the guy we use on our house; we have always been really happy with his work!" In this way, you have now become a part of their conversation, and you never tried to sell them anything at all. At some point, the conversation will cycle back around to you, as they ask you what you do for a living.

People are also inclined to remember someone who helped them out without receiving anything in return. Whenever the conversation does come back to you, you are sure to give away one or two of your own business cards. This person is sure to remember you next time they need a product or service like yours, and you will have a new client or customer on your plate!

Even though the practice of carrying others' business cards might seem insignificant, it might just be the "small step" that brings you your next big thing.

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