Saturday, January 04, 2014

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The Benefits Of Making Your Business Bilingual

The business world is ever-changing, and in order to stay on top (or, in order to reach the top) you have to be able to adjust accordingly. Becoming bilingual (or even multilingual) is one of the big ways in which businesses can adjust. A lot of companies in foreign countries have begun to make this adjustment already, with companies in non-English-speaking countries adding English as a weapon to allow them to compete in America; in the meantime, a lot of American businesses have fallen behind. For business executives, small business owners, and even regular employees in big corporations, becoming bilingual yourself can be a big benefit.

The explanation for business executives regarding this idea is simple. You are expected to be the best at what you do if you are a business executive. Just because you have reached the top does not mean that you are guaranteed to stay there; after all, if you are not continuing to improve, someone else is! You can broaden your communicative powers, and therefore your overall powers, by adding an extra language to your arsenal. Furthermore, you will be enabled to communicate more effectively with a wider spectrum of customers when you expand your linguistic prowess, and you will also be able to encourage your employees to follow your lead.

Sixty per cent of small businesses are dead within four years of their startup date; this number jumps to 90% by year ten. Every advantage you can find when running a small business can be a big deal, and becoming bilingual is a big advantage!

If you are just a regular old employee in a big corporation, you might think you don't have any real need to add a new language. If you are thinking this, however, you are wrong! As businesses progress to become multilingual, there will be greater opportunities for advancement among those employees who can work with more than one language than for those who cannot. The present might not yield you much fruit for your efforts, but you will surely see the payoff sometime down the road!

You should now find that you are full of the necessary motivation for learning a new language; this is the first step! As for the remaining steps of dedication and time, it will be up to you to supply both of these.

Running Your Small Business from a Distance

Running into problems is an issue small business owners constantly deal with. Across the board these issues remain pretty consistent regardless of the line of business they are working in. Hiring trustworthy and hard working staff members is one of the top issues. If they cannot find high quality staff to work with they will find that the result mean they will end up spending much more time at their business than imagined. This leads to the work-life balance being completely ruined for them.

How to Succeed as a Small Business Owner and Still Have a Life is a book that focuses on restoring the work-life balance for over extended business owners. If you cannot enjoy some quality time away from your business then there is no joy in having one that is successful. Your small business isn't meant to eliminate your personal life, but should help to make it more enjoyable than it was before. Making sure that your life thrives away from your small business was the reason that Bill Collier wrote this particular book.

Running a successful business while enjoying time away from it will only be possible with a staff that is the major tool of your business. Developing a business plan with your staff as the center piece is one thing Collier focuses on. Making sure they are successful really directly relates to the values that you can provide to them. If you instill values in them that they believe in, this will help to guide them even when you can’t be there with them. The ultimate goal of small business owners should be here.

20 chapters centering around goals are written by Collier. He will guide you on setting these goals, planning accordingly to help achieve them, and to execute the plans you come up with. This three step process should provide you with a great base for success. Success will be determined by how well you can run this business without the absolute necessity of your attendance. Soon you will be able to take time away without worrying every moment.

Tips For Acknowledging The Hard Work Of Your Employees

Getting the most out of your employees will be one of the most important things when you are running a business - after all, employees who work hard and truly care about your business will act as just one more extension of you, whereas employees who do not care about your business and do not work hard can be a huge detriment in the long run; of course, getting the most out of your employees is not always as simple as just coming up with some magic solution, but when you understand how to acknowledge the hard work of your employees, you will be much more likely to get the most out of them.

One thing for you to realize is that an employee of the month award is meaningless if the only thing these employees get is the title “employee of the month”; make it clear to your employees what it takes to win employee of the month, and what the process is for selecting the employee of the month, and then make the reward for winning employee of the month truly worth their efforts!

Making sure you are giving your employees time off is another way to get the most out of them; if you are making your employees work during holidays (when other people they know are not working), and if you never give them any bonuses for the hard work they have done, they are unlikely to give you nearly as much as you would like from them.

And of course, as important as hard work is, relaxation is important as well, as employees will not be able to continually give 100% if they are never able to replenish themselves; even as you create a work environment that expects and promotes hard work, you should also make sure that you are taking care of your employees at work so that they feel relaxed, as this will help them to keep working hard.

If you want your business to be a success, you will need your employees to help, and the biggest step in getting your employees to help is to realize that they will take care of you as long as you are taking care of them!