Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Baby Blogging Bonanza

Hello Friends,

There has been a lot of talk in the past few days about a new product called the “Baby Blogging Bonanza”

A young guy from the UK called Rob Benwell has created it, and he appears to be the well renowned for his Blogging skills, what I mean by that is: he has worked out a system using Blogging to get you highly ranked organically in the search engines.

Whether you buy his product or not is your decision but you must definitely check out his site, the simple lay out of the sales letter is a marketing lesson alone. It definitely captures your interest.

When I bought ‘Blogging to the Bank’ I figured “Oh yeah here we go again”, just another product full of hype and returning no real value. We’ve all heard that before.

But when I sat down and applied the principles I realized that maybe this skinny kid was on to something.

The approach Rob uses for Blogging is very clever and extremely effective, it appears to be a combination of Search Engine Optimization and creating multiple links making the search engines rank you higher in the FREE listings.

Now if your like me, someone who spends thousands of dollars in Pay Per Click advertising a year, finding an additional traffic generation method is a breath of fresh air.

So it seems in Baby Blogging Bonanza he has packaged together some of his old products with some new ones as well, selling them all for total price of $97.

Now for the big question: Is it worth the price?

Well personally speaking, I can truly say that I did get $97 value from this product. Obviously the way it is packaged together including multiple products I believe adds value and definitely requires further investigation.

Will it work for you?

Honestly I don’t know, I guess if you’re a traffic guru then you may be intrigued and purchase Baby Blogging Bonanza out of pure curiosity, but if you’re an Internet Marketing newbie then $97 might be bit a stretch. Either way it depends on whether or not you use the information.

You see if you do buy it and it sits on your shelf gathering dust for the next 6 months then whether it is $47 or $497 then it’s not going to be of any benefit to you, hey I’m guilty of that as well. But if your decide to buy, apply the information and actually take action then it could be best investment you’ll ever make.

Either way it’s definitely worth a look, check out: “Baby Blogging Bonanza”

Why do I get FREE coffee every time I enter my local cafe?

That's because the storeowner Sergio likes me so much he gives it to me. You see… he now goes to work every day because he loves what he does. He's not a slave to his business anymore and that's all because of me...

Let me explain...

I've been a business consultant for the last 14 years. Teaching many clients the secrets about business success that the experts don't want you to know.

Anyway, one day I was at my local coffee shop enjoying a Chai Vanilla Latte, and I noticed Sergio looking worried with his head buried in a pile of marketing books.

I asked him "what was wrong?" and he said, "His business wasn't going all that well".

He knew that I was a business consultant from previous conversations we'd had and asked me if I had any advice for him.

"Sure!" I said, not wanting my favourite coffee house to disappear completely, I decided to help him out.

I told him that what I taught would probably scare him, because my techniques where not conventional and if he wanted to back out, then this would be the right time to do it.

Afraid of what might become of his business if he didn't take action, he agreed and we got started right away.

Sergio was a great client, open to new ideas and trusted that I could help make a difference. Hey, what did he have to lose? I wasn't charging him a cent, right?

He was a typical business owner; he believed that 'If you build it, they will come'. Most business owners don't realise that 50% of your business success comes from effective marketing.

The other 50% is from distribution and unfortunately this is why most proprietors’ work long hours for very little return.

Over time we built up a simple Business system that worked very well for Sergio, so well in fact that he could hire extra staff and actually take some time out.

Reluctantly at first, but his confidence grew with time as his knowledge increased.

He quickly saw the results of our marketing campaigns and didn't realise that advertising needn't be a complete waste of money.

Sergio found that sometimes he had so many customers there simply was no more room in his cafe for them to sit.

Not a bad problem to have, don't you agree?

You see, your business is a direct reflection of your knowledge and the more knowledge you have, the easier it becomes.

Oh by the way, Sergio has opened up his second coffee shop just down the road and guess what? I get free coffee from there too!

Survey = Profits

Without a shadow of a doubt, the easiest way to increase the bottom line of your business is to survey your clients.

Now that may be your existing data base or to survey your target market, if you do not know what it is that people want to buy then How in the hell do you know what to sell to them.

This statement seems logical “Ask your clients what they want and then sell it to them”

But time after time people go into business and sell what they make rather than make what they can sell.

It’s mind boggling when you talk to people who have just started a business thinking I have a great idea that everyone will want.

So be it, it might be a good product but a little due diligence will go a long way.

How about doing a little market research first to see if there really is as much demand for your idea that you think there is.

The best part is, now with the Internet you can do market research without breaking the bank.

How many business ideas could you have saved time, money and the frustration of not pursuing, if you did some research to really find out whether or not you were going to make any money in the first place?

There is a software program called: it is free to use and allows you to do exactly what I have been talking about.

Test potential market places or survey your existing client base to find out exactly what they are looking for in your product or service and how you can tap into their mindset and deliver more than they expect.

It’s a win-win for everybody :-)

So check it out

What do you have to lose?

Welcome to The Marketing Mind

Hi Everybody!

I'd like to welcome you to the crazy ramblings of a socially confused misfit... me! I hope you enjoy and benefit from my experience.