Saturday, December 28, 2013

4 Unique Internet Marketing Strategies To Consider

by: Jeff Schuman

There are a lot of Internet marketing strategies you can incorporate into your business. Some Internet marketers choose to concentrate on one specific type of Internet marketing. Others choose to use a broad reaching approach to generating business online.

Here are four different Internet marketing strategies you can pick from and focus on one or do more if you choose.

1. Do pay per click advertising. This is the fastest way to have your Internet business on page 1 of a major search engine.

Google Adwords is the most popular PPC program. However Yahoo marketing and other pay per click search engines offer some excellent traffic at a more reasonable price.

Social networking sites such as Facebook are another good place to purchase ads. Regardless of how you choose to do it this something you should work your way into gradually until you are comfortable with the return you're getting on your investment.

2. Use articles to create backlinks. When they consider using articles to create backlinks many people think about article marketing.

When you write and submit an article you can put links in the resource box and drive traffic back to your website. This also serves as good search engine bait.

Another smart thing to do is to develop back links with articles in other people's blogs. Free traffic system is a good example of a service where you can create backlinks by having your articles with links in the body of the article itself in other people's blogs.

You should also be using unique versions of articles in your own blogs and social bookmarking them to the top social directors. This is another good way to drive traffic, create search engine bait, and develop more backlinks.

3. Focus on list building. Many people will focus on building an email marketing list. A large list is a very valuable asset to have so it's worth doing.

All you really need is a landing page to promote, and a autoresponder to store the contact info in. Then you need a series of prewritten messages to follow up with your list. Over time you can make a lot of money selling to it.

4. Build a blog around a targeted theme and add social media to it. This is a little more difficult to do and the rewards do not come quite as quick.

However long term developing a very large theme blog with quality content can be lucrative and a good way to do Internet marketing.

These are 4 different Internet marketing strategies you can incorporate into your online business. Try to focus on one initially and then work others into it as your schedule and ability allows.

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