Sunday, December 22, 2013

Internet Marketing Trends - How To Use Leverage To Multiply Your Online Income

by: Kaiser Ng

In today's internet marketing arena, leveraging is arguably one of the best internet marketing trends you can use to multiple your online revenue. This article will show you how you can achieve your goals in a far shorter period by leveraging on others.

So why is leveraging one of the best internet marketing trends used by internet marketers today? That is because results have shown that most unsuccessful internet marketers apply the results-by-volume approach - which means if they have 24 hours in a day, they spend 24 hours working on their online business, drawing traffic, creating products, designing their websites in order to maximize their results.

Fellow internet marketers, do not be like them.

The irony is, the reason why most of us go into internet marketing is because we want time and money freedom. But by using the results by volume approach, we end up working much more than our 9-5 jobs! Luckily, the emergence of a very cool internet marketing trend - leveraging has made the lives of internet marketers much easier. Here's some ways you can apply leveraging systems to your internet business:

1) Outsource Writing
As we all know, writing articles, blog posts and creating products can be very time consuming. To tackle this, we can outsource our work to freelancers - college students, work from home moms, your younger brother for a cheaper price than professional writers. is a great place to look for freelance hiring.

2) Affiliate Promotion
If we have a list of 1000 people, why not get other internet marketers with their own huge lists to promote your product as well? So instead of selling to just a 1000 people, we can leverage on others to reach a target of 10,000, 50,000 or even 100,000.

3) JV Partners
When planning a product launch, it is important to get JV partners (joint venture partners) to help you promote. Due to the arranged agreement of profit sharing, they are more likely to work harder to promote your launch, thus ensuring better results.

4) PLR Products
Are you lost for ideas and struggling with lack of time? PLR products, or private label rights products are the best solution. You can obtain high quality PLR products from PLR sellers and then edit the contents, rebrand yourself as the author and repackage it for your own launches.

5)Viral Marketing
One of the hottest internet marketing trends today, viral marketing is one of the best ways to spread the news about your business. With the emergence of social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and even Youtube, by going viral your business has the potential to spread to a large market in a short time.

In summary, this article has touched on various internet marketing trends which you can use to leverage your business and save you tons of time and money. By using these techniques, you can achieve much more in a day compared to the results-by-volume approach. With more and more internet marketing trends emerging everyday, it is good to stay on top of the trends to find more ways you can leverage your time in your business.

Kaiser is the founder and CEO of A follower of internet marketing trends, he believes that we can obtain valuable insight from observing what successful internet marketers have done. Don't waste time re-inventing the wheel, just apply what works to achieve massive results in your online businesses. Grab the latest internet marketing trends at!

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