Tuesday, December 24, 2013

How To Make Customers Feel Welcome Without Making Them Feel Overwhelmed

One thing that will be important if you have your own company is that you make customers feel welcome when they walk in your store, but another thing that is important for you to realize is that it is also possible to make customers feel suffocated and overwhelmed; in order to increase the success of your business, it will be important that you have an understanding of the difference between making your customers feel comfortable and making them feel like they just want you to leave them alone!

You should greet a customer the moment they enter the store, and then you should ask them if there is anything you can help them with; this is important, as a lot of people will greet a customer, wait for them to walk around for a bit, and then ask if they need help with anything - but when you ask as an addendum to the greeting, the customer will feel as though you are being helpful, without feeling as though you are being overbearing.

Another thing that tends to bother customers is a "hovering body"; you will want your customers to know that you are available to help them in any way they need and to answer any questions they have, but it is much better (and much more effective) to let them know you are ready to help by wearing a smile and remaining open and available with your body language than by sticking close to them and waiting for them to ask you a question.

And if the customer requests help from you, make sure you go over and above what is necessary in trying to help them, sticking with them as long as they need you - but not sticking with them any longer than they do!

Being helpful to your customers without making them feel like you are bothering them, or like you are trying to "sell them something," can be a fine line to walk, but you will keep getting better at it as you keep these tips in mind - and eventually you will have no problem at all making your customers feel comfortable and right at home!

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